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Invest in the Personal Development of Your Team with Train 2 Gain

Your employees are your greatest investment. In the hospitality and restaurant industry, employees are often client-facing, expected to wine and dine their clients. The problem is this: employees don’t always understand this responsibility and lack the interpersonal skills to make it happen.

Train 2 Gain is a suite of development courses created for educating employees on who they are, what they have to offer and how to show up every day with authenticity and courage. Employees who participate gain valuable insight into the importance of emotional intelligence, expected corporate behavior and social norms.

Employee Personal Development Is Critical

You might be surprised to know salary isn’t the top reason why employees leave their current positions. In fact, employees are leaving because they are bored. One of the surefire ways to change that is through employee development. Development ensures that employees met with new responsibilities have the confidence to move forward. That confidence mixed with new opportunities diminishes boredom and increases fulfillment in their work.

Interpersonal skills, also known as people skills, are in high demand by all businesses large and small. However, according to LinkedIn, the gap for interpersonal skills is three times higher than that of software engineering, which is a focus in today’s tech-driven world. How can we diminish this gap? Through empowering employees and aiding in their personal development.

Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

Is Train 2 Gain Right for My Business?

Train 2 Gain was created for organizations of all sizes, from small nonprofits to the Fortune 500. It is specifically for organizations wanting to invest in the personal development of its people to enhance their return on investment. However, it isn’t for an employee’s professional development—the focus is on their individual personal growth.

Build Trust with Train 2 Gain

Train 2 Gain offers three unique sessions including:

  • Can a Meal Break a Deal: This session is all about being successful while meeting over a meal. Employees learn how to both speak well and recognize the nuances of unspoken conversation. They’ll learn how to prepare, graciously host or attend any food-based function and return a solid investment on engagement.
  • The Art of Building a Strong Network: Networking at Social Functions: Including a simulated networking event, employees learn the skills necessary to build confidence, establish awareness of personal nonverbal behaviors, recall names and begin conversation, politely leave a conversation and effectively follow-up with new contacts.
  • Building Trust: Gravitas, or executive presence, is increasingly elusive, especially for young professionals. This session helps employees learn how to better represent themselves and their organizations and understand expected behavioral competencies in a corporate environment.

If you are ready to help develop your young professionals and seasoned professionals alike into confident business builders, Train 2 Gain is for you.

About Jennifer Bartolotta, Founder of Train 2 Gain

Jennifer Bartolotta

Jennifer Bartolotta, founder of Train 2 Gain has been working with her husband’s business, The Bartolotta Restaurant Group for years. After discovering that businesses were actively seeking etiquette classes for their professionals, she designed a course from the perspective of the company making an investment in their employees’ development. After offering the class to the public, she received two phone calls from two Fortune 500 companies and from there, Train 2 Gain was born.

The program has impacted many organizations in the past ten years. Now, Train 2 Gain is a service directly offered by KR Consulting to help small businesses and large corporations alike make a difference in their workforce. As the recipient of Jennifer’s Train 2 Gain sessions, Kelly is thrilled to take the reins.

Develop Your Team for Business Success

Through personal development, employees are able to provide your business with a greater return on investment while benefiting from their new found confidence. To learn more about Train 2 Gain or to schedule a session for your organization, call us at 414-915-0865 or send us a message.