Experience Growth with Custom-Tailored Consulting by KR Consulting

Can you offer an unbelievable customer experience while reducing your overhead? Can you keep your customers coming back for more, bringing new customers along with them? Yes, you can. However, you might be thinking it’s impossible with the current state of your business.

Did you know that your team may not fully understand their responsibilities? Or that your menu might be draining your resources? The current shortcomings in your hospitality or restaurant business can be fixed. All it takes is someone with the experience to point you in the right direction.

At KR Consulting, we use our experience to offer customized consulting plans to help guide you towards success.

Custom Plans to Fit Your Unique Needs

The consulting plan we create is custom tailored to fit your unique needs. The journey begins with a personal interview where we uncover your pain points. From there, we enter into brand objective and discovery where we dig deep into your business goals, find where you could improve and discover what we can do to bridge the gap.

You will receive an outline of how much time each of us must dedicate to your business. At the end of each month, we will assess the progress your business and your team have made. Historically, we have partnered with businesses for six months. However, we will continue to work until we start to see true improvement. We don’t stop until we build momentum for your business.

Restaurant Operations Consultant

Consulting Services to Guide You Towards Success

Your business consulting plan is just that: yours. During the discovery process, we will figure out exactly what you need for success. Your plan could include a wide range of services including:

Restaurant Operations Consulting: Menus, Catering & Front-of-House
  • Catering business development: We can help you build your sales department, create Standard Operating Procedures, choose software solutions and more to help you jumpstart the catering arm of your business.
  • Menu development: We offer financial assessment, execution and review of your purchasing plans to analyze and maximize your return on investment. We also offer presentation assessments and layout services to perfect your menu.
  • Front-of-house operation assessment: We can help you create an operating budget, training manuals and employment Standard Operating Procedures. We also assist in employee training and development programsto help you create a strong and balanced team.

The opportunities for what we can do are endless for your business. From giving your team the confidence they need to feel fulfilled, to developing a catering business that encourages growth, your business can only improve from here.

Get Started Today With KR Consulting

The only thing standing between you and business success is one small step. If you’re ready to take that first step towards success, reach out to us today by calling 414-915-0865 or send us a message. You’re ready to grow. We’re ready to help. Let’s get started today!